Can an Algae-Powered Lamp Quench Our Thirst For Energy?

A French chemist is developing street lights that can absorb carbon dioxide 200 times more efficiently than trees

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Finding an implementing sustainable energy sources is critical towards combating climate change. Algae-powered lamp put a check in the box for reducing dependence on fossil fuels. They also repair the damage we have done with CO2 emissions. A single algae-powered lamp can absorb as much C02 in a year as an average tree does in its lifetime. Now that is a sustainable energy solution! Besides, parking lots lit with this these lights would make awesome sets for sci-fi movies. 


More than digital plus traditional: A truly omnichannel customer experience | McKinsey & Company

Adding digital channels requires major efforts, yet payoffs can disappoint. Integrating digital and traditional channels into a truly omnichannel offering is even harder–but multiplies the rewards.

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To become truly omnichannel companies need to break down internal barriers. Remember, Omnichannel is not the same thing as multichannel. Multichannel strategies often incentivize channels to not consider or assist other channels in the organization. Or worse, they directly compete. In these environments, “competition becomes even more brutal internally than with the outside world”.